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A digital platform for Precision Medicine

Funded by the Norwegian Research Council and a handful of dedicated partners, we aim to create a platform to help nourish an expanding ecosystem of partners from the clinical, academic and commercial worlds.

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Recent Projects

New functionality in Ella – variant prioritisation

ELLA is a software tool for clinical interpretation of genetic variants that is developed and in use at the Department of Medical Genetics at Oslo University Hospital. In BIGMED, two deliveries are

Benchmarking as a tool for quality in genetic testing

Ensuring accuracy in genomic medicine

Modern medical tests based on DNA and RNA sequencing are composed of a pipeline of numerous hardware systems, complex proprietary and open-source software, custom-built scripts, and manual,

Clinical reporting of genomics – best practices

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is transitioning from the research environment to clinical diagnostics in a process which has proven difficult, and exome and whole genome sequencing are at the early stages of implementation in Nordic

Functionality for clinical Natural Language Processing

Current state of the art solutions from the field of Language Technology employ machine learning algorithms and large volumes of data to solve tasks that enable understanding of textual data, such as the extraction of entities and